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Disposable Injection Needles
Disposable Injection Needles

Disposable Injection Needles

Disposable endoscopy injection needle, passing through endoscopy channel into human body cavity, operates the injection of liquid after endoscopic mucosal biopsy and polypectomy
Product Detail

Performance Characteristics:

1、The tube body is transparent, the blood return is clear, and the safety is guaranteed.

2、The needle-point diamond design, double-edged, smooth needle entry.

3、Good conductivity, the needle can be pulled out smoothly afterthe tube body is bent and circling.

4、Secondary de-sheathing design, calmly deal with sticky needles.

Specifications and Models未标题-1.jpg

ModelDiameter of outer tube(mm)Length(mm)Needle diameter(mm)Needle length(mm)
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