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Disposable Wound Protector
Disposable Wound Protector

Disposable Wound Protector

Disposable wound protector is used for soft tissue and thoracic retraction, facilitates specimen removal and instruments operation. It provides 360° atraumatic retraction and reduces superficial surgical site infection following surgeries, distributes force evenly, eliminating point trauma and associated pain.
Product Detail

Features and Benefits:

1、Adapt invasive size to facilitates rapid and effortless setup

2、Provides all-around would protection, reduces superficial surgical site infection

3、Provides all-around circumferential, atraumatic retraction

4、Maximizes exposure with a minimum incision size

5、Allows visualization of wound margins

6、Maintains moisture at the incision site

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Regid Ring
SG8801Rigid Ring,Small. Sheath Length 180mm,Incision Range 25-60mm1/pk,10/bx,80/ctn
SG8802Rigid RIng,Medium, Sheath Length 180mm,Incision Range 50-90mm
SG8803Rigid RIng,Large, Sheath Length 250mm,Incision Range 90-140mm
SG8804Rigid RIng,X Large,Sheath Length 340mm,Incision Range 110-170mm
SG8805Rigid RIng,XX Large,Sheath Length 360mm,Incision Range 170-250mm
Flexible Ring
SG8831Flexible Ring,XX-Small,Sheath Length 200mm,Incision Range 10-30mm1/pk,10/bx,80/ctn
SG8832Flexible Ring,XX-Small-Brief,Sheath Length 110mm,Incision Range 10-30mm
SG8833Flexible Ring,X-Small,Sheath Length 190mm,Incision Range 20-40mm
SG8834Flexible Ring,X-Small-Brief,Sheath Length 130mm,Incision Range 20-40mm
SG8835Flexible Ring,Small,Sheath Length 180mm,Incision Range 25-60mm
SG8836Flexible Ring,Medium,Sheath Length 180mm,Incision Range 50-90mm
SG8837Flexible Ring,Large,Sheath Length 250mm,Incision Range 90-140mm
SG8838Flexible Ring,X-Large,Sheath Length 340mm,Incision Range 110-170mm
With Cap
SG8861w/cap,Small,Sheath Length 180mm,Incision Range 25-60mm1/pk,10/bx,80/ctn
SG8862w/cap,Medium,Sheath Length 180mm,Incision Range 50-90mm
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