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Xinwell Medical is a leading manufacturer specializing in producing Video Laryngoscope and Endotracheal Tube.

Video Laryngoscope and Endotracheal Tube are advanced medical devices used in airway management during intubation procedures. The video laryngoscope allows medical professionals to obtain a clear view of the larynx and vocal cords on a monitor, ensuring accurate tube placement. The endotracheal tube is then inserted through the patient's mouth or nose and advanced into the trachea to secure the airway.

These devices are essential in various medical settings, including operating rooms, emergency departments, and intensive care units, where securing and maintaining an open airway is critical for patients undergoing surgery or requiring mechanical ventilation.

The video laryngoscope features a high-resolution camera, ergonomic design, and real-time imaging capabilities for improved visualization. The endotracheal tube is available in various sizes and materials, ensuring optimal fit and patient comfort.

Working Principle:
During the intubation procedure, the video laryngoscope is inserted into the patient's mouth, providing a clear view of the airway on the monitor. Medical professionals use this visual feedback to guide the endotracheal tube into the trachea with precision, ensuring effective airway management and ventilation.

Xinwell Medical's Video Laryngoscope and Endotracheal Tube set provide reliable and efficient solutions for airway management, enhancing patient safety and clinical outcomes during intubation procedures.

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