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Closed Suction System

Xinwell Medical is a leading manufacturer specializing in producing Closed Suction Systems.

Closed Suction System:
Closed Suction System is an advanced medical device used to remove secretions and debris from the airways of intubated patients without the need for disconnecting the patient from the ventilator. It is a closed, sterile system that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and maintains a closed circuit during the suctioning procedure.

Closed Suction Systems are widely used in intensive care units (ICUs), operating rooms, and other critical care settings. They are essential for patients who require mechanical ventilation, such as those undergoing surgery, with respiratory failure, or in a coma.

Xinwell Medical's Closed Suction Systems offer the following key features:

Double-Lumen Design: The system consists of a double-lumen catheter, allowing separate pathways for suctioning and ventilation, maintaining airway pressure and oxygenation during the procedure.

Sterile and Single-Use: The Closed Suction System is sterile and designed for single-patient use, reducing the risk of infections and ensuring patient safety.

Anti-Collapse Technology: The catheter is equipped with anti-collapse technology to maintain a patent airway and effective suctioning.

Working Principle:
During the suctioning process, the Closed Suction System is attached to the patient's endotracheal or tracheostomy tube. The catheter's distal end enters the airway, and the proximal end is connected to a suction source. The healthcare provider activates the suction, which removes secretions and debris from the airway while maintaining a closed circuit.

Xinwell Medical's Closed Suction Systems are designed to improve patient comfort, reduce the risk of infection, and facilitate efficient airway management for critically ill or ventilated patients.

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