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Oxygen Reservoir Bags, also known as Ambu bags or Manual Resuscitators, are crucial medical devices used to deliver high concentrations of oxygen to patients in emergency situations or during resuscitation. These bags have a capacity to store oxygen temporarily, ensuring a continuous and sufficient oxygen supply to the patient.

Oxygen Reservoir Bags are widely used in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, ambulances, and emergency rooms. They play a vital role in providing immediate oxygen support to patients experiencing respiratory distress or respiratory failure.

Xinwell Medical's Oxygen Reservoir Bags offer the following key features:

High-Quality Materials: The bags are made from durable and medical-grade materials, ensuring safe and reliable use during critical situations.

Transparent Design: Many reservoir bags are transparent, allowing healthcare professionals to observe the bag's inflation and monitor the patient's respiratory response.

Working Principle:
Oxygen Reservoir Bags work by manual compression or squeezing. When the bag is squeezed, it fills with oxygen, and when released, the bag delivers oxygen-rich air to the patient's airway through a face mask or endotracheal tube. This manual operation ensures precise control of oxygen delivery and enables healthcare providers to adjust the ventilation rate and volume as needed.

Xinwell Medical's Oxygen Reservoir Bags are designed to provide efficient oxygen delivery, making them essential devices for immediate respiratory support and resuscitation in critical medical situations.

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