Coaxial Circuits
coaxial anesthesia circuits

Coaxial Circuits

coaxial anesthesia circuits:The breathing circuit is used in combination with anesthesia machine, respiratory machine or humidifier to establish a respiratory conduit for patients
Product Detail

1、Good compliance and air tightness

2、With built-in gas sampling line to save pipe space

3、Reduce the distortion of the patient end

4、The coaxial inner and outer tubes have a small pressure loss

5、The outer breathing tube can heat the gas in the inlet passage of the inner tube

6、ISO standard interface

coaxial anesthesia circuits Specifications and Models未标题-1.jpg

Coaxial CircuitCoaxial Circuit
1.5m Coaxial CircuitA20001-1
1.8m Coaxial CircuitA20003-1
Adult Corrugated/Extendable Limb,Coaxial CircuitCorrugated Limb
1.5m circuit, 0.4m corrugated limbA20001
1.8m circuit, 0.4m corrugated limbA20003
Extendable Limb
1.5m circuit, 0.4m extendable limbA20002
1.8m circuit, 0.4m extendable limbA20004
Coaxial Circuit, 2L/3L Breathing bag,Adult Corrugated/Extendable LimbCorrugated Limb
1.5m circuit, 2L Breathing bag, 0.4m corrugated limbA20009
1.8m circuit,2L Breathing bag,0.4m corrugated limbA20011
1.5m circuit, 3L Breathing bag,0.4m corrugated limbA20005
1.8m circuit,3L Breathing bag,0.4m corrugated limbA20007
Extendable Limb
1.5m circuit, 2L Breathing bag,0.4m extendable limbA20010
1.8m circuit,2L Breathing bag,0.4m extendable limbA20012
1.5m circuit, 3L Breathing bag,0.4m extendable limbA20006
1.8m circuit,3L Breathing bag,0.4m extendable limbA20008
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