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Disposable Polypectomy Snares(Hexagon)
acusnare polypectomy snare

Disposable Polypectomy Snares(Hexagon)

acusnare polypectomy snare:The Disposable Polypectomy Snares are indicated for use endoscopically for the
removal and/or cauterization of diminutive polyps , sessile polyps , pedunculated polyps and tissue from within the gastrointestinal tract.
Product Detail

Performance Characteristics:

1、The control handle can make the snare rotate synchronously and effectively improve the success rate of the operation.

2、Using imported special high-strength medical stainless steel wire material, cutting faster, Smoother and more uniform, effectively reducing bleeding damage.

3、The specifications and models are rich and varied to meet the various clinical needs of doctors.

4、It is compatible with all mainstream high-frequency electrical devices on the market.

acusnare polypectomy snare Specifications and Models未标题-1.jpg

ModelShape of LoopDiameter of outer tube (mm)LengthLoop Width
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