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Reusable Temp Probe
Reusable Temp Probe

Reusable Temp Probe

Reusable Temp Probe:The Unimed medical temperature probes provide accurate measurements for all patients in any condition. It has a quick response, strong anti-interference, and is fully compatible with the original technology.
Product Detail

Reusable Temp Probe Application

Compatible devices with YSI400 and YSI700 series temp modules, including Mindray, Nihon Kohden, GE, Siemens, Masimo, etc.

Reusable Temp Probe Main Features

Bio-compatibility and EMC tested and qualified;

High-quality temp probe with accurate, stable, and quick measurement;

The maximum allowed error in the measurement range is ±0.1℃;

Medical-grade material probe with fully enclosed design is waterproof and moisture-proof;

Gold-plated pins with better conduction ensure stable signal transmission;

The stainless-steel material on the back of the skin temp probe has fast heat transfer, and the General probe has a tapered design with a smooth surface. It is easier to implant into the body cavity;

All materials are latex-free;

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