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Disposable Hemostatic Clips
disposable hemostatic clips

Disposable Hemostatic Clips

disposable hemostatic clips:The hemostatic clips are compatible with endoscopes, clamps are placed in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts to stop bleeding caused by various reasons and wounds after endoscopic surgery.
Product Detail

Performance Characteristics:

1、Ergonomically designed handle is more accurate and convenient to operate.

2、Smooth coating design to avoid damage to the instrument channel of the endoscope .

3、The handle can rotate synchronously with the clamp device, which can meet the needs of different lesions on the release angle and direction of the clamp device in surgery.

4、Excellent clamping strength,safety and reliable.

5、Variety spans of 9mm.11mm、13mm and 16mm,which fully meet the different requirements.

6、The clip of the clip device adopts the material with excellent toughness, which can reduce the injury of the affected part during the operation. There will be a prompt sound after release, which can improve the safety performance of the instrument and reduce the risk in the operation.

disposable hemostatic clips Specifications and Models未标题-1.jpg

ModelDiameter of outer tube(mm)Clip openingWorking lengthCharacteristic
ATE-ZXJ-A-2.3×1950×135×132.3131950Without infusion port
ATE-ZXJ-A-2.3×2350×135×132.3132350Without infusion port
ATE-ZXJ-A-2.3×1950×135×162.3161950Without infusion port
ATE-ZXJ-A-2.3×2350×135×162.3162350Without infusion port
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